1.  Adopts PLC control system with touch screen panel, high-tech packing machine of simple adjustment and easy operation.
2.  Adjust the machine temperature and according to the packing material. Double times sealing to ensure the liquid adding volume and avoid leaking. Suitable for packing non-woven fabric, gauze, wet tissue paper.
3.  Equipped with German-made filling pump, easy adjustment for 0.1-30 ml and the tolerance is ±0.01/time.
4.  Appearance and the main parts of machine are made of stainless steel SUS 304, easy to clean, sanitary appearance, confirm to the standard of bio-tech and medical science.
5.  Within a certain range, customized specifications for packing size, packing material thickness and filling products are available. It can supply the different packing types of single bag, double bags or three bags.


Alcohol cotton bandage, Alcohol cotton pad, Iodine pad, Glasses cleaning pad, Wet tissue paper, Lubricating jelly, Lotion, Nail polish remover, Medical and cosmetic products.



Single bag type

Double bag type

Three bag type

Filling capacity

0.1~30 ml/piece

Bag size

L40~120 mm
W40~80 mm

L35~60 mm
W40~80 mm

L35~60 mm
W40~80 mm

Packing speed

50~60 bag/min
depend on bag size

100~120 bag/min
depend on bag size

120~150 bag/min
depend on bag size

Electric power

AC220 Single Phase/Three Phase 1/2HP
(Voltage can be changed according to customer demand)

Air compressor

5 HP (Not Included)

* Option Devices: UV disinfection device or date coding device for bag.